Monday, April 2, 2012

Melbourne, Australia

Shrine of Remembrance was built to commemorate those who served in the first World War.

Australian flag at the Shrine of Remembrance

I always have a thing for benches and I never miss the chance of having my picture taken 

"I'll meet you under the clocks" - is a popular idiom referring to the row of clocks located above the main entrance. This is the Flinders St. Station is the central railway suburban station in Melbourne

Yarra River just near the Flinders Station

Altona beach - this view reminds me of the movie Dear John #justsaying

birds waiting to be fed - Yes! they are used to humans feeding them

pretty flowers being sold during Australia Day

cool car I say parked during Australia Day

this dog celebrated Australia Day as well! Cute!

super big capsicum and eggplants we found at Footscray!

we made apricot jam out of the fruits at the backyard! must try when you come here in Aussie land!

Sharing with you guys lovely photos of my adventures here in Melbourne, Australia. It has been a long hiatus for me. I was busy with career that I had to focus on it first, but still I never missed reading my fave blogs as well. Hoping to update you once in awhile even with even just pictures of nice places and stuffs here :)

Next post: The beautiful Bendigo town :)