Monday, August 31, 2009

Thrift Shopping

Ohh the joy of thrift shopping! It was a lazy afternoon when we decided to go to ukay-ukay ( it is a Visayan term for thrift shopping). We were lucky enough that they had new arrivals. We were digging through piles and piles of clothes when we found these fabulous stuffs. And we got home several great stuffs that just cost us 300php!

these are the stuffs I got!

details of the floral top I found that just cost 45php!

it was love at first sight when I found this animal print top!

high waisted skirt with a great print

details of the skirt

P.S. will post more pictures wearing these fabulous finds next time:D

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Save me from the HEAT!

I woke up late today and to my dismay, there was no electricity. Crap! This usually happens here in our place once every month. I don't know the real reason either why this has been happening every month. So to save ourselves from the sweat we'd get by just staying in our house - imagine no TV, internet connection, air conditioner or electric fan, we decided to eat out. My uncle and aunt was also with us. We had our lunch at Gabby's Bistro. I ordered fish n' chips with rice again (yes! I also had this a week ago in Gabby's) and discovered my new love - Dirt Cup! It's actually a chocolate mousse with some gummy candies. We stayed there longer to save ourselves from scorching heat of the sun and also while waiting for my other Aunt whom I'll be fetching. She went to Siquijor with some of her brods and sis from their organization.

After fetching my Aunt, I also went thrift shopping! Yay! I'll post my thrift finds next time here:D

while waiting for our orders, I took this pic

this is what was on our table

mug filled with hit calamansi juice

my new love! DIRT CUP!

xoxo, issa

Bubbly Yellow

This is what I did the other day, prettifying little sister for her friends' debut party. I did her hair and make - up. Just a simple look to match with her outfit. By the way, my sister also just celebrated her 18th party, nothing big party happen though. Happy 18th birthday sis!

yellow ruffled top / black custom made skirt / black purse / Wild Diva black platform shoes

xoxo, issa

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sunshine and denims

I woke up early today. Had classes at 8am (ooh! did I mention that I'm back with my masterals?!). So to make the story short, yes I am back with my masterals for now, but I'm still exploring things. Maybe the next day my mind will change again. Anyhoo, the weather was weird today, it was scorching hot when I went out but it poured a little for awhile while we were having our classes. I was really mad that my newly washed car got wet. :( Now I need to have it clean again. Goodthing though that we only had classes in the morning. I spent my afternoon just bloghopping and posting pictures. Normally I take a nap but I was really hooked in front of my laptop. I just stopped when the connection got crazy.

gray tank top from Bayo / denim vest from Next Jeans / Gap denim shorts / T-strap yellow sandals bought in Thailand / Yellow sling bag

Busy Day

I spent my day today celebrating the founders week of my alma mater. It is actually the 108th year celebration of my school. Me and my mom were supposed to watch the parade but the mom had some important stuffs to so I just accompanied her. The school's alumni are also busy preparing for their respective batch's reunion. Last night, my Aunties attended a costume party for their organizations' 45th year. I helped them dressed up and tried to copy the hairstyle that we found on the net. One of my Aunt played Cruella Deville while the other imitate Jang Guem of Korea. I also helped my sister prepare for the debut of her close friend. I did her hair and make -up. I’m not really a pro in doing this but with a little help from the tutorials found on the net, I can manage to prettify her. (Will post later how it turned out=)

outfit: custom made blazer / Zara white top / Old navy shorts / Gojane platform gladiator heels / Mango gray sling bag / boutique Eiffel Tower charm long necklace / purple bangles

Remember on my previous post, I wanted this badly and so lucky I am and found this at Water Lily!

Friday, August 28, 2009

I want want to wear these now!

New Shoes!

Okay, so I forgot to blog about this new baby that just came.

My Aunt just arrived from the US last week and brought with her my shoe orders! I asked her to buy for me online those fierce shoes I saw at I was really excited of her arrival knowing that I have something to look forward to (oh, not that I'm not excited to see her) lol. From the moment she gave me the box, my heart was really palpitating fast! Just like the same feeling when your taking an oral exam..hehe.. I was not sure if the size I ordered was really exact for me. But when I finally tried them on..voila! They are just perfect! I am speechless. The shoes are really pretty.

here it is!

fierce heels!

fierce heels!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Balik Talent

We attended the Balik Talent sponsored by the class 1969 of Silliman University College of Nursing at the Luce Auditorium. Several speakers were invited to talk to Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, new trends on neonatal care, etc.

Had lunch after at Gabby's Bistro:D

Pan Hellenic Medical Mission

The Pan Hellenic Society is celebrating it's 45th year this year. One way of celebrating it was to hold a medical mission at Mantuyop, Siaton. My Aunt who is one of the pioneering batch of the group organized it. Services offered were free dental, Pap Smear, random blood sugar taking, blood pressure taking, deworming, and referrals to several doctors.

teaching locals how to do RBS

doctor doing an eye examination

children had a check up too!

I had fun taking the RBS of the locals!

credits: Arianne Reva Monte de Ramos for the pics

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Things I want NOW!!!

1. long cardigan

- I want a black or grey cardigan long enough to cover the butt area
- Zara, Topshop, Mango or even unbranded ones will do :D

2. vintage charm long necklaces
- okay, so I want an Eiffel Tower charm,
camera, a carousel or pony
- I found several already at ebay but I need to save first!

3. black blazer
- been seeing a lot of boyfriend blazers on celebs nowadays, then maybe I should have on
e too!
- this would be perfect with a dress, jeans, or even shorts

4. platforms heels

- I'm actually waiting for a pair to arrive that I ordered from gojane (see pic no.3)
5. sling bags/purse

credits:,, flickerphotos, ebay

Friday, August 14, 2009

I cried a bucket of tears :(

Why? because of this movie..super touching..I just love the plot of this movie..

My sister recommended me to watch Koizora (Sky of Love), a Japanese movie but I was hesitant at first because I was not really into Jap movies. I am more of watching Korean movies when the koreanovela became a hit here in the Phils. But out of boredom, I gave it a try.

Koizora (Sky of Love) is a love story written by Mika that was originally published on the popular cellphone site Mahou no Irando. It tells about the experiences of Mika as a high school student who first fall inlove to a bond hair guy named Hiro. As their love grows, they faced many trials. But they prove that love conquers all.

When they first met
Hiro and Mika in their fave place

When Hiro was breaking up with Mika
the part where I was already crying..huhu