Sunday, August 30, 2009

Save me from the HEAT!

I woke up late today and to my dismay, there was no electricity. Crap! This usually happens here in our place once every month. I don't know the real reason either why this has been happening every month. So to save ourselves from the sweat we'd get by just staying in our house - imagine no TV, internet connection, air conditioner or electric fan, we decided to eat out. My uncle and aunt was also with us. We had our lunch at Gabby's Bistro. I ordered fish n' chips with rice again (yes! I also had this a week ago in Gabby's) and discovered my new love - Dirt Cup! It's actually a chocolate mousse with some gummy candies. We stayed there longer to save ourselves from scorching heat of the sun and also while waiting for my other Aunt whom I'll be fetching. She went to Siquijor with some of her brods and sis from their organization.

After fetching my Aunt, I also went thrift shopping! Yay! I'll post my thrift finds next time here:D

while waiting for our orders, I took this pic

this is what was on our table

mug filled with hit calamansi juice

my new love! DIRT CUP!

xoxo, issa

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