Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thailand Trip Day 2

when we were there it was not yet open

not worth it to watch, we just wasted 250Baht for the show yet it's not that nice
too cute to ignore
this is what I had for lunch 

yellow sports car

outside Siam Paragon
going to Central World
busy streets at night

Our next day in Bangkok was spent by going to Siam Paragon, Central World, Pantip Plaza and Platinum Mall. My favorite would be Platinum Mall because it has everything I want. My eyes dilated most of the time by looking at all the items for sale. They have everything I like. from dresses, tops, shorts,trousers, denim shorts,bags, shoes, accessories, and all. Gosh, it's really like heaven! And everything is cheap too! Your money will go a long way when you shop there.


Thailand Trip Day 1

 Sawadee Ka/Kap! Welcome to Thailand! As promised, I will be sharing to you our awesome trip in Thailand. This is actually our second time to come and just like the first trip we had last December 2008, it is still one of the best places to visit. From our previous trip, we went to the Grand palace, Temples, Elephants, Noong Nooch Botanical Garden, and Coral Island. This time, we went south of Thailand. First up we went to Bang Pa-In Palace. This is the old palace of their King and Queen. It has all sorts of awesome structure, of course some are made of gold! Check the pictures.

as you enter the place, a beautiful garden welcomes you
everything is well-manicured

feels like your in Europe! haha

plants formed like elephants!

 Btw, our driver that day was a fellow Filipino so it was really easy to communicate and ask him questions. He brought us to a local restaurant for lunch. I had sweet and sour chicken - cooked the Thai way while my mother tried the most raved Pad thai. Food was good, It tasted well.

For our next stop, we ask Marc (driver) to bring us to Ayutthaya. It is where the ruins are located. Here's a brief history of Ayutthaya that I got from the internet (

"Ayutthaya had consecutively been a prosperous kingdom for 417 years. There had been 33 kings who reigned the kingdom over that period, beginning with King Uthong in 1893 B.E. The kingdom's glorious time ended when it succumbed to Burmese troops on 7th April 2310 B.E., concluding 5 dynasties that used to reign the kingdom of Ayutthaya, namely Chiang Rai, Suwannbhuma, Pra Ruang, Prasat Tong, and Ban Plu Luang dynasty."

 Sweet and Sour Chicken

 Pad thai - one of their native foods

noodles in different colors?
face of Buddha surrounded by the roots of a tree
coconut juice
Siam Niramit Cultural show - a must see show when you visit Thailand
food banquet before the start of the show; so many food choices and delicious too. There were also spicy dishes and for those that are vegetarians
entertainment of different dances before the start of the actual show in which photo taking is not allowed inside:/


I miss blogging + Online Shop

Oh my! It's almost 2 months since the last time I post something here in my blog. Well, the past few months had really been an awesome! First, my cousins went home for a vacation here in the Philippines. We enjoyed so much all the fun activities we did. (I'll have a post about that soon!). Second, I and my family went to Bangkok, Thailand for the second time around. It was indeed a very memorable trip and to mention, I had an awesome shopping experience! Definitely one of the best places to shop for cheap yet fashionable clothes. And I am so excited to share with you guys pictures of our trip plus the stuffs I bought there. Third, I and my sister recently opened our new online shop called Laces and Bows. It's on facebook so if you have an account do check us. We our currently on our 2nd collection. I am extremely happy that the 1st collection did so well. It's actually sold out already! Here's some of the pictures from the shop.

Go check our online shop on Facebook!

Lastly, Wei han of  xwhlo emailed me saying that I won her blog giveaway. It's actually my first time to win a contest here in the blogosphere world. Super happy. Here's what I won. I hope I'll get it before Christmas time, definitely the perfect gift.