Friday, May 21, 2010

Review: Etude House and Lioele Korean Products

Hi guys! So sorry for MIA, I was literally very busy with my IELTS review that I never got to update my blog for awhile. The review is really taking much of my time even if it's just a 2-hour review. I'm actually reading and writing more now in preparation for the exam by the end of June. I hope I'll do well. I'm crossing my fingers. =)

Anyways, as promised, I'll be doing a review on my recent Etude House and Lioele products. So here it is.

Etude House Dual Fibre Cheek Brush

I got this brush from Ebay and it comes with this plastic packaging/protection something. I read a lot of good reviews about this so I tried it myself. I've actually used this for 3 weeks already since I purchased it, and I've washed it twice. I love using this when applying my foundation or BB cream, but I also tried using this for my blush. So the verdict, there wasn't a lot of shedding. I actually just noticed 1 or 2 hairs from the very first time I washed it. The hair is also very smooth that it doesn't poke your gentle skin. I also love how dense the hairs are. As you can see the pictures below in close up. It also gives you that airbrush effect after using this which I totally love.

I heard this is a good dupe for the expensive Mac 188, so I'm very happy that I discovered this brush.

I'm giving this 4.5/5 rating. The price is good. I bought this for 470php but you can purchase this directly from the Etude House boutique for a cheaper price.

Lioele Blooming Cushion Touch Blusher

I first heard about this Korean brand from Jen of frmheadtotoe . She gave it a positive review so I tried it myself. The packaging is really cute. It comes in this pink jar with cover. Inside you can see a cute puff that you will use to buff on your cheeks. This product comes in 2 colors only: pink and peach. At first, I had difficulty deciding which color to pick because in the first place, I have too many pinkish blushes already but I really want the pink packaging. So I finally chose this pink over the peachy one.

In the beginning, I had a hard time applying the color on my cheeks. The color was hard to build up. I had to buff it really well so the color would just show up. But when I got to use this more often, I finally learned how to use it well. I don't anymore find it hard to apply because as the the time passed by, the blush almost stayed on the puff so building your desired color was easier.

I'll probably give this product a 3.5 /5 since I'm still more comfortable in using a brush for my blush. And maybe I'll get to use this more often when I'm really in a hurray. In that way, I won't have to grab a brush but instead, I'll just buff this on my cheeks and I'm ready to go.

Fresh Cherry Tint

I find this a very refreshing lip tint. After application my lips really feel refresh. It also gives a little pinkish color. But after awhile, my lips feel dry. I'm probable giving this a 3/5 rating.

Lioele Princess-y Mirror

I got this cute pink mirror because it looks so adorable. It comes in 2 colors: fushsia pink and pink. I got the pink one.

I'm sharing to you in my next post my recent haul including some tops and jeans. =)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

REVIEW: Ever Bilena Mousse Concealer

I've been searching for the perfect concealer that will work for me. I want it to not just to cover my undereye dark circles but I also want it to flawlessly cover my blemishes. So when I went to the mall one time for some sight seeing, I checked out Ever Bilena counter and found this mousse concealer. I wanted to try my luck on this product so I bought it. It wasn't really a pain to try this out since it only cost me 175 pesos!

Sandy Beige shade

Ingredients: Mica, polybutene, mineral oil, titanium dioxide, ceresin, talc, octy palmitate, PEG -30, dipolhydroxystearate, cera microcystallina, butyrospermum, parkii (shea butter), tocopheryl acetate

Net Weight: 12grams

Retails for: 175 pesos

Shades: available in 3 or 4 (I'm not quite sure)


when blended to the skin


After applying concealer

The good stuff:
  • cheap
  • available in different shades
  • smells good
  • easy to blend
  • able to conceal my undereye dark circles
The low down:
  • I think this is only available locally
  • quite heavy jar to bring with you everyday
  • packaging not hygienic
  • unable to cover my blemishes

I think this is not yet my best concealer, I have yet to search for other brands out there. I wanna try NYX concealer in a jar. I've read good reviews about it so maybe I'll try that next time.

Mini Haul

Another mini haul I got over the week. I bought stuffs that I actually need. I got myself an eyebrow shaver because the one I'm currently using isn't that sharp anymore. This is the first time I'm gonna try this brand. It is actually made in Japan so I guess the quality is better compared to the ones locally made. The razor is also longer, about 3-4 inches long so I have yet to explore the use of the long razor. Next thing I got is pore tape. There are 10 tapes inside the box and this cost me 120php or about $3. I think this is pricier compared to the ones in Bench stores which can be purchase individually. Again this is my first time to try this brand and let's see how this works. Then I grabbed these girly looking oil blotting papers, which in the packaging says that the paper itself is printed. I thought the print in the sheets is similar to the print in the packaging, which is the girl but to my dismay it turned out that the prints are cutesy teddy bears. Haha. I also got wet wipes, nail polishes from Caronia, Bobbie, Mwah, Chic and a mousse concealer from Ever Bilena. My review will follow :)

Nail polishes from Caronia, Bobbie, Chic, and Mwah!

Nose Pore Tape

I also did a little bit of school supplies shopping now that I'm reviewing for IELTS exam. I missed doing this after I graduated college so you can see how I love getting cute stuffs to use for my review.

Once I saw this envelope, I immediately grabbed them for I love Precious Moments so much. I also got a small notebook for note-taking.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

NOTD: Regular Ashley

I thought I already found my perfect dupe for that super famous Chanel Particuliere 505 nail polish. When I first compared it on the pictures on the net and some reviews found on the blogoshere, it look really similar. But when I uploaded the pictures already it came out to be grayish in color. The Chanel Particuliere actually looks a little bit brownish. Anyways, I still love this nail polish I bought recently. The brand is called "klik"and I got it for P14 only for a 7ml bottle. The color is called Regular Ashley. It glides smoothly when applied and a 2-3 coatings will give you the color just like mine.


* affordable
* wide range of other colors available
* glides on smoothly when applied


* I think this is only available locally
* needs 2-3 coatings to achieve the color

Maybelline Watershine Pure Review

I bought this Maybelline lipstick recently during a short trip to the mall. I initially was looking for a nude lippy but I fell inlove with this pale pink I found on the counter. It was 20% off the regular price too so I felt very happy with my purchase. What I also love about this is that it glides smoothly on my lips and gives me that moisturized look. I just apply my fave chapstick before I put this on and there's no need to top it off with a lipgloss. But if you want a more shinier look, of course you can apply your fave lipgloss.

Watershine Pure in B24

It looks very natural on me. It actually looks pale pink.