Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mini Haul

Another mini haul I got over the week. I bought stuffs that I actually need. I got myself an eyebrow shaver because the one I'm currently using isn't that sharp anymore. This is the first time I'm gonna try this brand. It is actually made in Japan so I guess the quality is better compared to the ones locally made. The razor is also longer, about 3-4 inches long so I have yet to explore the use of the long razor. Next thing I got is pore tape. There are 10 tapes inside the box and this cost me 120php or about $3. I think this is pricier compared to the ones in Bench stores which can be purchase individually. Again this is my first time to try this brand and let's see how this works. Then I grabbed these girly looking oil blotting papers, which in the packaging says that the paper itself is printed. I thought the print in the sheets is similar to the print in the packaging, which is the girl but to my dismay it turned out that the prints are cutesy teddy bears. Haha. I also got wet wipes, nail polishes from Caronia, Bobbie, Mwah, Chic and a mousse concealer from Ever Bilena. My review will follow :)

Nail polishes from Caronia, Bobbie, Chic, and Mwah!

Nose Pore Tape

I also did a little bit of school supplies shopping now that I'm reviewing for IELTS exam. I missed doing this after I graduated college so you can see how I love getting cute stuffs to use for my review.

Once I saw this envelope, I immediately grabbed them for I love Precious Moments so much. I also got a small notebook for note-taking.

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