Friday, August 14, 2009

I cried a bucket of tears :(

Why? because of this movie..super touching..I just love the plot of this movie..

My sister recommended me to watch Koizora (Sky of Love), a Japanese movie but I was hesitant at first because I was not really into Jap movies. I am more of watching Korean movies when the koreanovela became a hit here in the Phils. But out of boredom, I gave it a try.

Koizora (Sky of Love) is a love story written by Mika that was originally published on the popular cellphone site Mahou no Irando. It tells about the experiences of Mika as a high school student who first fall inlove to a bond hair guy named Hiro. As their love grows, they faced many trials. But they prove that love conquers all.

When they first met
Hiro and Mika in their fave place

When Hiro was breaking up with Mika
the part where I was already crying..huhu

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