Sunday, August 16, 2009

Things I want NOW!!!

1. long cardigan

- I want a black or grey cardigan long enough to cover the butt area
- Zara, Topshop, Mango or even unbranded ones will do :D

2. vintage charm long necklaces
- okay, so I want an Eiffel Tower charm,
camera, a carousel or pony
- I found several already at ebay but I need to save first!

3. black blazer
- been seeing a lot of boyfriend blazers on celebs nowadays, then maybe I should have on
e too!
- this would be perfect with a dress, jeans, or even shorts

4. platforms heels

- I'm actually waiting for a pair to arrive that I ordered from gojane (see pic no.3)
5. sling bags/purse

credits:,, flickerphotos, ebay

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