Saturday, August 29, 2009

Busy Day

I spent my day today celebrating the founders week of my alma mater. It is actually the 108th year celebration of my school. Me and my mom were supposed to watch the parade but the mom had some important stuffs to so I just accompanied her. The school's alumni are also busy preparing for their respective batch's reunion. Last night, my Aunties attended a costume party for their organizations' 45th year. I helped them dressed up and tried to copy the hairstyle that we found on the net. One of my Aunt played Cruella Deville while the other imitate Jang Guem of Korea. I also helped my sister prepare for the debut of her close friend. I did her hair and make -up. I’m not really a pro in doing this but with a little help from the tutorials found on the net, I can manage to prettify her. (Will post later how it turned out=)

outfit: custom made blazer / Zara white top / Old navy shorts / Gojane platform gladiator heels / Mango gray sling bag / boutique Eiffel Tower charm long necklace / purple bangles

Remember on my previous post, I wanted this badly and so lucky I am and found this at Water Lily!

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