Thursday, August 6, 2009

BIG decision...

Yes, it's a actually a big decision for me to take. First, to create a blog or not. But then finally, after 48 years of being an onlooker to different kinds of blogs (fashion, travel, food, random, etc), I created an account. I hope I 'd be able to update this from time to time giving you guys a glimpse of my simple yet extraordinary life. Another thing is, I also want to express myself here and share to you random things that is happening to me.

Second decision I just made today was to quit Masterals. We (with my 2 other cousins) actually enrolled for masterals to broaden our nursing career. But due to some circumstances, I decided to just concentrate on my volunteer work as a nurse at NOPH. Me and my other cousin actually decided on this matter. No regrets, afterall we just graduated from school and pass the board exams. We are not in a hurry for things like that. I just want to enjoy every single day in my life.

I just hope I made the right decison:D
A photo of me and my cute little Xeenie!

PS: Expect several posts today since I am new!

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