Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cherry Nail Art Tutorial

Hello everyone! Here’s a simple nail art tutorial which I’m sure you’ll do better than I did :D This will work both on short or long nails. Enjoy! :)


1. Base coat, yellow, red, white, and clear nail polishes. Any brand will do :D

2. Toothpick or anything that has a small tip.

3. Your creativity :D


STEP 1: Apply base coat to your nails for protection. Let it set and dry.

STEP 2: Next is to apply yellow nail polish, actually you can choose any color you want :D Apply 2 layers of the color or until it will look opaque.

STEP3: Now get your toothpick or any thing that has a sharp tip. Grab your green nail polish and dab the end of the toothpick and use this to create stems of the cherries. Start from the end of your nails going almost halfway. Make sure to leave enough space for your cherries. You can actually put a leaf for a more detailed look. :D

STEP 4: Make sure your nail polish is dry before doing this next step. Get your red color and apply 2 dots resembling a cherry. Try to make it as round as possible. You can either use the toothpick or just the tip of the nail polish’ brush. Let it dry.

You’re almost done :D. You can add a thin curve line using white nail polish on the cherry so it would look dramatic. Just don’t forget to apply a clear nail polish for protection :))

Now you have pretty nails just in time for the summer! - issa:)

P.S. Sorry for the watermark because I just grabbed these from my Tumblr account.

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