Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mini Haul

This is my first post on my hauls that I got from some stores here in our place. Me and my Mom drove one sunny afternoon to do some errands including buying medicines for my grandmother and paying bills. After that we're free to go anywhere. SO we went to Robinson's department store and got some stuffs. I bought some facial tissues, Kleenex, Caronia nail polish in touch of beige, and Loreal Paris' Smooth Intense anti-frizz serum. This is my first time trying the hair serum so I don't know yet how this will work on me. I intentionally bought this to apply on my hair before ironing it. The product actually smells good but I find it really sticky (well ain't hair serum should be sticky right?!) Well, will just update you if this works fine. :)

I also got Hello Kitty stuffs from another store. A pencil eraser, sharpener, and a little container. I have no idea why I bought them. I just found them too cute and cheap so I grabbed them. I always have a thing for anything pink and well, Hello Kitty. On the other hand the container thing, I'm thinking of placing my jewelry there especially when I go travel because sometimes I just place them in the inner pocket of my purse especially my earrings and sometimes it gets misplaced. I also bought a cute pen with the heart mushy thing on top.

I also love this earrings I found near the counter. It comes in different colors but I chose this purple one.

And lastly, a falsies, idk why i got these as well. I don't use one at the moment (but maybe in the future), I just wanna try this for a more dramatic look. And did I mention that it's very cheap too, just some random China products. Good for amateurs like me to try.

P.S. I'm waiting for my Etude House and Lioele stuffs I bought online. I hope it arrives by tomorrow. I'll post pictures right away;)

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