Sunday, August 22, 2010


It was a lazy Saturday afternoon spent with my sister and boy cousin. They had no class in the afternoon (my sister has classes every Saturday mornings) so we decided to hit the mall and watch the latest movie. The movie theater was jam-packed with mostly "highschool-ers" who I think are just classmates. We watched a horror movie but the high school group of people started to scream inappropriately. They did things that usually makes you angry. I just think they sounded corny. I was really disappointed with the people together watching with us and at the same time, I was not impressed with the outcome of the movie as opposed to the reviews I've seen and read in the television and newspaper.

Anyways, after the movie we were hungry. We went to Gabby's Bistro to satisfy our cravings.

fancy lights

sister's spaghetti (which has a better name but I forgot:( )

cousin's order

blueberry cheesecake which I got to share with my sister

mango crepe

sweet cravings

the outfit: floral top- department store, black trousers, 
grey flats - Parisian at SM, grey sling bag- Mango