Saturday, August 21, 2010

Roadtrip to Negros Occidental

 Last May, my family and I had the best roadtrip going to Negros Occidental, particularly Bacolod City. Since it was summer time, we decided to go on a funfilled trip together with our ever trusted Pajero SUV.

starting point: Dumaguete City
1st stopover: Manjuyod for some refreshments

2nd stopover: San Carlos City for lunch, specifically Jollibee. (It was the only place where we thought we could have lunch super fast because we were all hungry and thirsty, it is located inside the Gaisano Mall)
3rd stopover: next town to look for more ice for our drinks inside the cooler.
3rd stopover: Tuboso for picture taking of the vast area of sugar cane plantation.

4th stopover: Silay City where the Jalandoni museum and Balay Negrense can be found.

 Big sign as you enter the museum of the Jalandoni's

 this is what used to be their refrigerator before, ice were still exported from Europe to preserved their food

 Don Victor Gaston's house built in 1897

 stairs divided separetely for girls and boys

 4- poster bed with intricate carvings

5th stopover: Talisay City. The picturesque view of the Ruins. What made it more interesting is the rough road going there and we even got lost on our way finding where it is. Mama's and I's research on the net wasn't that helpful enough!haha

 picturesque view of the Ruins

burned down in WWII

 entrance to the mansion

 the "Ruins"


Finally, we reach Bacolod City and had of course chicken inasal for dinner. Off to the hotel.

The next day was spent searching for the famous Calea cakes and pastries. Bought chocolate cake thinking it was the one being raved in the blogosphere but actually it's the otherchocolate cake partly hidden in the cafe with the name 'imported chocolate cake'. Darn. We also tasted their blueberry cheesecake. This one is kinda different because of it's crust is made of honey oats and nuts pressed firmly.

 Calea cakes and pastries (Robinsons Mall branch)

 blueberry cheesecake

After satisfying my cravings, we went to Mambukal as we heard that it has improved alot since the last time we went there years ago. It wasn't even functioning the last we were there but to our surprise when we reached there, the whole area was crowded! Well, it was a Sunday and there were a couple of people having their convention something, some having their reunions and family gatherings thus we just decided to look for another place since parking area was crowded as well. We tried asking for the route to Buenos Aires - a mountain resort but ended up going to Pata-an, another mountain resort with falls. Haay, a long trip indeed. We just had lunch there and after awhile back on the road again to go home.

man-made lake


 butterfly sanctuary

All in all we almost toured the whole Negros already considering that we came from Siaton the day before that.

P.S. towns that I still haven't visited in Negros - Cauayan, Sipalay, Hinoba-an and Basay!


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