Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Update + Blog Giveaways!

Hey everyone! It's been awhile since I last updated my blog. Well, I was pretty much busy with other things plus a beach trip with my cousins. (photos to be uploaded soon!) Anyway, I've decided that I will make this blog not only about beauty stuffs, but also travels, adventures, fashion, food, and other random things happening every single day. So watch out for that.

For now, I will be posting awesome blog giveaways. Make sure to visit their site and join the giveaway!


Borniilove Sweet Romantic Giveaway
Prizes include:
♥ MAC Hello Kitty limited edition pink lip gloss
♥ JILL STUART limited sweet bridal Double Ring Collection 
♥ CANMAKE four shiny eyes eye shadow in pearl white, peach, pink and brown
♥ JILL STUART loose powder blusher in pink passion

Contest ends on August 31, 2010. Check her blog for all the details

Panda Girl's 400th follower giveaway
Prizes are: 
1. Malica Majorca Lash Expander 2. Panda Mousemat 3. Tony Moly Ice Cream Face Mask 4. Cookie Mirror 5. Panda Speaker Pillow (plug in your mp3 player and listen whilst resting your head on the pillow) 6. Ice Cream Pen 7.Skin79 Miniature BB creams 8.Panda facepaper 9.White chocolate Iphone Cover

Contest ends on September 30, 2010. Check her blog for all the details.

Lora's 50th follower giveaway
Check her blog for the contest details. Ends on August 24, 2010

Wei Han's End of Summer Giveaway
Prizes included are: 
1. Sticky hair things
2. "Suki" eyeshadow kit
3. Cute food shape erasers
4. Orange soda pop lip balm
5. "B&C Apple" hand cream
6. 12 eyeshadow colours
7. Flavoured "Marion Lip Balms"
8. Another few cute food shape erasers
9. "Koji Spring Heart" eyelashes
10. "Sweet Chocolate" eyelash case
11. 6 packs of "3D Design Nail Sticker"
12. "Scent of Rose" oil blotting paper [Scented]

Giveaway Ends on October 31, 2010. Check her ,a href="">blog for the details.

Diane Regina's Mini Loot Giveaway
Ends on August 31, 2010
Check her blog for the details:D

Fruity Lashes Housewarming Giveaway
Ends on September 15, 2010
Check her blog for the details


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