Saturday, March 12, 2011

Etude House Review and Fashion Haul

I have been meaning to visit Etude House for the longest time now, so when I had the chance to visit the mall I stopped by there. At first, I wanted to purchase the EH Lucid Darling lipstick in #05 which is a Barbie pink in color. Unfortunately, it was out of stock. It must be the "it color" girls choose over other colors. I didn't want to settle for another lippy from there because I really wanted that certain color which I read from the web all the awesome reviews.And  I also wanted the Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Baby Pink so I just let go of my eagerness to buy a lipstick at Etude House. I just search the store for another stuffs that I might like. Luckily I found the perfect brow pencil in brown! It was love at first sight because I've been dreaming of a brow pencil in a perfect shade of brown and not to mention it was priced at less than 200php! I also got the Happy Tea time cleansing cold cream in Milk Tea. The saleslady suggested I get the other variant for oily face but I wanted milk for my skin so there I never listened and follow my heart! I've been using this for a week already and my skin loves it! I love the consistency, not to thick and easy to apply and rub on the face. I can see the make-up that is removed from the tissue. I love the smell too. Lastly, I got the Romantic Beauty Stand which is perfect for my new dresser that I ordered (will post pictures soon!). This is where I will probably place my comb, brushes, or my mascaras, brow pencil, etc. Not make-up brushes because they're just gonna collect dust from there. Not so hygienic :(

 Etude House brow pencil in brown

Happy Tea Time Cold cream's creamy texture contains milk protein to remove dirt and make-up while keeping skin moisturized with the pleasant fragrance of tea

I also visited the department store and got a few stuffs. I got a maxi dress perfect for this summer. A lace top and corset which I have yet to figure out how am gonna style it. A bandeau top and leopard print sunglasses. Then I got a striped top from F&H and laced sleeveless top from Bayo. (sorry seems like I was just enumerating everything!haha).

And yay for another pair of Levi's! And I'm a slight curve! Finally I'd be able to claim my Levi's loop metallic ID soon.

Off to French Baker to have lunch with Mama and brother. I love their Honey roast pork in a L' orange!


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  1. I also have the cleansing cream! Tell me how it works! :D Loooove the bikini you got! :)