Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rebonded hair + New haircut

Aah lazy days! I just wanna share to you guys my newly rebonded hair, some 3 weeks ago. Well, not really new anymore. Haha. Anyway, it was my 3rd time to have my hair rebonded and eversince then, I love the results. I don't really have curly hair before, just thick and a little bit wavy. I envy girls with nice straight hair that's why I decided to have my hair rebonded. I do this yearly, after noticing inches of wavy hair growing back again.

The first picture shows the results, but then I decided to have it layered to look better. Then the second one shows the result after I had it layered at a salon here in our place. It's a new hair salon (Korean inspired), and they had a promo of 50pesos only for haircut, so I gave it a try. By the way, that is my original hair color.

What are your opinions of rebonded hair? Share your insights!



  1. my hair is also wavy. I need to wake up earlier to straighten up my messy wavy hair using hair straightener tool. By the way, Love your new hair^^

  2. @mapple: Thanks! I'm really lazy using the flat iron that's why I just settled for rebonding, and also my hair's really thick so it would eat up most of my time:)

    thanks for the comment!